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Charité study on Kambo – Autumn Edition – 2023

By December 7, 2023December 21st, 2023No Comments

Hello there , I do hope you are doing well?

In the ever-changing world we find ourselves in, it’s crucial to find a glimmer of hope even in challenging times. As we navigate through this transitional phase towards hibernation, many of us are facing various health concerns, from common colds, covid to ongoing mental challenges.

Amidst it all, let me remind you of the extraordinary healing potential of our beloved frog. Research conducted in 2020 at Charité Berlin sheds light on some remarkable effects.

A global study involving 386 participants from 35 different countries unveiled some intriguing motivations for using Kambô:

65.03% sought healing in general

62.18% aimed for physical detoxification

61.14% pursued an improvement in general well-being

58.55% were interested in spiritual experiences and growth

52.59% sought mental and emotional cleansing

40.16% desired to connect with the spirit of the frog

39.64% aimed to enhance general performance

35.23% looked to improve concentration

34.72% sought relief from physical weakness and fatigue

34.20% needed to restore their emotional balance

33.94% were driven by curiosity for extreme experiences

31.87% were battling depression

Now, let’s dive into the subjective experiences:

73.46% reported an improvement in physical well-being

71.50% found increased concentration and mental clarity

71.06% noted improvements in mental health

69.62% experienced relief from physical or psychological discomfort

65.72% felt a sense of spiritual growth

59.89% believed it cured diseases

The duration of these effects was equally intriguing:

26.17% experienced effects lasting 1-6 months

24.61% reported effects lasting 8-30 days

12.69% enjoyed effects lasting more than a year, some even permanent

11.92% found benefits lasting 4-7 days

8.55% felt the effects for less than 3 days

6.74% were unsure about the duration

5.96% experienced benefits lasting 7-12 months

2.85% reported effects lasting more than a year

The study also explored any negative health effects after Kambô sessions, and an overwhelming 88.08% reported none. Furthermore, 93.78% of participants said they never regretted their decision, underscoring the fascinating and lasting impact of the peptide potion from our beloved frog.

It’s truly remarkable to see how Kambô can positively influence people’s lives in so many ways, offering hope and healing during these challenging times. Together, we can look forward to brighter days ahead, as we harness the power of nature’s remedies. You can find the full study here in German.

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Joel David