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The origins of using Kambô
as a medicine

There are plenty of legends out there from different tribes, however the most known would be from the Kaxianawá tribe in the northern Amazon basin of Brazil. The legend has it that the native of the tribe were very ill and the Pajé/medicine man had tried everything to cure them, without success.


In an Ayahuasca ceremony, he went into the jungle and was visited by a female spirit of the forest. She was holding a frog in her hands, from which she took a white secretion and taught the Pajé how to apply the medicine. After returning to his tribe and following the guidelines, the Pajé was able to cure his sisters and brothers. From then, he carried the name Pajé Kampu or Kampum.


Name given to a frog by Brazilian tribes:




and others

Name of the frog: Phyllomedusa bicolor – giant monkey waxing tree frog

Secretion is a holistic medicine, which is well known around Brazil and Peru as the “Vaccine of the forest”. It is known to be a cleansing purgative which also works to clear the body and dissolve panema (dark, heavy or negative energies). These can manifest as bad luck, illness, depression, laziness, lack of clarity and energetic blockages. It is also used to increase hunting skills, eliminating toxins and poisons, increasing stamina and strength. Some tribes have also used it for medicinal purposes like treating malaria, snake bites, fever, infections, fertility problems, detoxifying and strengthening the mind and body, to reduce pain and gain endurance. It helps to attract good things into your life, as negativity is dissolved.

The Secretion contains chains of amino acids, known as peptides, that have a profound effect on blood circulation and gastrointestinal muscles, as well as the glands in the digestive system. It also stimulates the adrenal cortex as well as the pituitary gland in the brain. It is also a rare substance which is capable of bypassing the blood-brain barrier. This has significant effects on the chemistry and water in and around the brain, research is being done in order to pinpoint more what exactly happens. However, it is very likely that it can help to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Kambo consists of many bio-active peptides, from which 16 have been identified in modern medicine. However, there are still more being discovered, as the secretion is very complex. Please read more about this in the Science section.

What is Kambô used for today?

Cleanses the body from heavy metals and medication treatment wastes

Releases from depression and anxiety

Releases from strong addictions (cigarette, drugs, medications, alcohol)

Clears deep-rooted emotional blockages

Restores and boosts the immune system

Inhibits the growth of some cancer tumors

Alleviates autoimmune disorders symptoms

Restores some fertility problems

Resets and regulates menstruations

Regulates hormones during menopause

Reduces vascular insufficiency and circulation problems

Reduces migraines

Improves digestive fire

Increases energy and stamina

Treats chronic fatigue syndrome

Is receiving Kambo dangerous?

Like any medical treatment, Kambo has potential risks and can be dangerous if not applied properly. It is important to work with a trained and experienced Kambo practitioner who follows proper safety protocols and guidelines.

Is the Medicine sourced ethically & sustainable?

Yes! The medicine I used is sourced from a friend who lives in the Amazon near Iquitos in Peru. I can guarantee that the medicine is 100% pure and sourced in a way that the frogs are not harmed. A blessing is given before and after the extraction of the medicine, where after the frogs are returned to the forest and their natural habitat.

Is Kambo legal?

Kambo is legal in many countries, but its legal status varies by jurisdiction. In some countries, Kambo is considered a traditional medicine and is used within indigenous cultures for healing and spiritual purposes. In Australia, it was made illegal recently.

What you need for a session

  • Comfortable clothes to sit in
  • 2-3 litres of spring water
  • Bucket
  • Toilet paper
  • Intention for the ceremony

How long does a session take?

A Kambo Session usually lasts around 1-2 hours. However, in some cases this time might not be sufficient, depending on what you are working on and what condition you are in.

what are some Benefits?

After receiving Kambo the effects can sometimes be felt straight afterwards. In most cases you will feel the full benefits the following day, this can be an increase of your energy level, clarity of the mind, healing of the body, heightened senses and a feeling of inner peace. Some individuals report that day after day the benefits actually get stronger and their overall sense of well-being is much increased. However, it is also possible that more time needs to pass, and the effects show up a week or two after the treatment. More information can be found on my indications page, thank you.

Can I work after a Kambo Session?

I recommend taking the day off, especially if it’s your first Kambo Session. However, it also doesn’t mean you will be extremely exhausted afterwards. So have 3-4 hours to rest at least. We are all different and so it might be you get a big push of energy after the Session and are super focused. In my experience it is good to free up your day, so you have time for yourself.

Are you a certified practitioner?

I am certified and initiated by Kambo Naturista in the Amazon region of Peru.

How many Sessions do I need?

There are different models and approaches, they all depend on what you are working on. For allergies for example I would recommend doing three Sessions in a moon cycle. For other things like mental and physical boost, one session can already be enough. However, the effects will stay with you for some weeks, perhaps even months and then wear off. Best to start with one and see what shifts for you.

How long is the recovery?

The recovery period after a Kambo session can vary depending on individual needs and the specific session received. In general, the recovery period can last for several hours or up to a day or two. To dive deeper into this check out my after care page for more information and recommendations.

Where will the Session take place?

The Kambô Treatment will usually take place in your home. This gives you the opportunity to rest straight after and not have to move around the city when you might feel very vulnerable. If you don’t want to receive a session in your home, contact me, I can offer my home or also another location.

Where are you based?

I am based in Berlin and travel from time to time. If you want me to visit somewhere in Europe, to give sessions there, reach out.

Do I need to be on a special diet for Kambo?

It is best to prepare yourself in the previous weeks with vegetarian food, if possible avoid foods that are long to digest, excess gluten, dairy products and stimulants like coffee.

Once the session is reserved, you will receive precise instructions as to the food protocol to follow for the last days before your session.

Is Kambo hallucinogenic?

No. The polypeptides contained in this medicine have no known psychoactive effects and therefore will not alter your state of consciousness.


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