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I recommend you stick to a light diet some days before the treatment. You should not drink alcohol 24-48 hours before, same goes for drugs or any other form of recreational substances.

Greasy, spicy or deep-fried foods, pork and red meats, should also be avoided at least 24 hours before the Session.

This will really enhance your experience and also help you to have a deeper cleans.

The last meal, the evening before the session, should be light and vegetarian, preferably a soup, steamed vegetables or other food which is easy to digest. If you can go for a vegan option, do so. On the morning/day before the session no food is ingested, no caffeine is allowed. Please take this seriously.

It’s important to have an absolutely empty stomach, otherwise purging will get so much harder with solids.

Herbal teas are fine, lemon grass tea is specifically good before the treatment.